Our process

How we work

Our process is simple and individual.

01 | First interview
02 | Discovery
03 | Quotation
04 | Concept
05 | Implementation
06 | Launch

01 we meet
First interview

During an initial informal and free get-to-know-you meeting, you tell us about your concerns, your company, your target group and your ideas. We clarify your needs and answer your questions and advise you.

02 we draft

This is where we take the time to understand and discover more about your brand or vision. We send you a questionnaire to find out more about foundational ideas, mood boards, color palettes and your inspiration.

03 we calcaute

We make an offer including all the features you need. The quote is binding and half of it is counted as a down payment. As soon as you confirm it we schedule your project. If additional features are desired later, this is of course possible at an additional cost.

04 we design

Depending on which service you book, we talk about your inventory, target group, competitors, hosting, structure, layout, as well as all necessary functions. Followed by first rough designs which I coordinate with you.

05 we finalize

This is where we implement all the things we talked about. We set up your server and customize your theme, the layout and color scheme and adapt functionalities. A post schedule for SMM and coming-soon-page will be also set up.

06 we publish

Time to show off your new branding to the world - you receive all your elements, guidelines and information in a google drive folder. Our journey might not stop here! Most clients opt for a long term monitoring to position their brand or website even better.

We can do for you.

General Information

For us it’s important to work with you 1:1 and include all your visions and ideas. Depending on which service you book, the procedure can be changed up of course, some parts can be skipped or added. Please note that some options, like website, work better on a long term monitoring because the internet and search engines always have to “learn” new content and sometimes even have to be adapted. We are very happy to help you turn your ideas into projects!